updates on updates

i was in need desperate of an update (or any date, really). so i threw in a few hours of keyboard tapping on a saturday, and voila! i've got a brand-new resume and up-to-date portfolio page to show for it. i haven't done laundry in quite some time now, but at least i look like a professional on the internet. and we all know that's where it really counts!!

click here see my resume! click here to see my portfolio! click neither to spite me!

ok, cool, now that that's over with — a few other updates:

  • it's march! what the hell.
  • alleigh and i hosted 4 humans last weekend for a birthday bash of epic proportions. our little apartment was bursting with love but also with ankle boots and sticky boobs and iphone chargers. we did have room for everyone to sleep but we did not have nearly enough drinking glasses. it was the best time ever.
  • we did some dog sitting!! don't tell our landlord.
  • we sent out valentine's day cards to our friends, most who loved it but a few who probably cringed a little.
  • the emotional investment i have in ben higgin's is verging on unhealthy. 
  • my bestie emily visited from mn over valentine's day weekend and it was the most romantic thing in the world! and i'm saying that despite getting full on, locksmith-calling locked-out of our apartment. 
  • i can't stop eating graham crackers and red peppers (but not together) (yet)

be back soon! and please send me a message if you find a typo anywhere! or, you know, to say hi.

it's 2016, and i have a wa driver's license

the new picture is mediocre at best, but trumps my 18-year-old, curly-haired wisconsin id by a long shot. bouncers agree. 

i wanted to updated everyone when i had "figured things out”. except suddenly, four months have passed. and i wanted to return after all of this time with some monumental story, or a profound thought, but i’ve settled instead on the “something is better than nothing” type of update. 

this stream of consciousness is a little all over the place, so here's a quick overview of this post:

part 1: i talk about seattle

part 2: a half-hearted sentiment about moving 

part 3: my *goal* for 2016 (i'm already sorry i wrote this)

part 4: a simile about faux cheese (again, sorry)

ok, go!!

so hi, welcome back. i live in seattle now. 

since i’ve been here i’ve accomplished some truly clap-worthy tasks. my best friend and i lucked out on a seriously great apartment in belltown (a downtown 'hood that is borderline cooler than we are, though we will rise to the challenge). we furnished it entirely, though our bank accounts begged us otherwise. and we did it nearly entirely off of amazon prime. because when in seattle. and also when you don’t have a car.

i’m in seattle and i have a primary care doctor. i have a favorite coffeeshop (and there are a few to choose from). i have at least 10 friends, a couple more if you count animals. i can find my way around enough to give someone directions, obtained said driver's license (though again, no car), and i really don’t mind the rain. considering how naively i showed up here in the end of september, with one suitcase and potentially unable to pin seattle on a map of washington, i feel pretty good.

starting from scratch somewhere has led to countless “wow” moments, so i can’t say there has been one pivotal instance that defines it. day-to-day, people ask me about my move and how things are going and my answer is usually the same: “things are great, i’m falling into a routine, i love it here, it feels like i’ve been here for a long time. hey, it really does feel like home.” i’m not surprised by the truth in these words, but i am proud of them.

i’m indisputably happy, despite roadblocks and concerns and unavoidable acts of second-guessing. i’m so grateful and aware of all of the incredible relationships i have in my life — both the ones that i’ve carried with me from back home, and the new friends i’ve made. both have been immeasurably important to me. 

the biggest revelation i’ve held close the last few months, is that it’s so important to be grateful. to wake up and be an enthusiast at life. in the new year, i’m trying my best to be mindful. it’s not a resolution because resolutions, are artificial and not as satisfying as they initially seem… similar to, idk, kraft singles? 

resolutions require a time when something will be resolved. a hard stop. my goal to practice being mindful has no end date, no quantification, just a hope that it will make me feel better on the inside — making mine and others experiences more pleasant. so yeah, complete opposite of kraft singles. 

literally cheesy, i know. bleh, cutting myself off before this gets out of hand. 

in short, life is wonderful in the pnw and i won’t be so long before i’m back with more stories and trials of it all. oh, that and some baking — promise.

happy new year to you, wherever and whoever you are. 

get up and go

i’ve talked everyones ear’s off about this trip, but chris did an amazing job putting this video together - because even though i vowed i would help, i didn’t, and he totally didn’t need it anyway. so take a couple minutes and enjoy a little glimpse of utah and colorado, sans the snakes and extreme temperatures. 

and thanks chris! you rock and make me look far cooler than i actually am. 


"This is a short film documenting a two week road trip out west to Colorado and Utah my girlfriend and I took this summer. A chance for us to unwind, we had no plans or agenda - all we knew was that we were seeking adventure, and that we did.

The places we found ourselves were breath-taking, and it was an amazing trip overall. We hope this can inspire those who just want get away and hit the open road. Life is too short. Go on adventures. Be free. Be wild. Be an explorer.

Locations: Beaver Creek, CO Frisco, CO Breckenridge, CO Boulder, CO Moab, UT Arches National Park, UT Canyonlands, UT

Music: X Ambassadors - Renegade (remix) Tony Anderson - Breakthrough

Gear: Canon 7D - Canon 24-105 mm - GoPro4 - iPhone 6 - Edited in PremierePro CC"

a box of cards

on my last weekend home, i’ve been busy sorting through a lifetime of, well, STUFF. it’s been four years since all of my worldly possessions have been in one place and, oh man, it shows. 

amidst the sorting, storing, goodwill-ing, and packing, i found quite a few things i completely forgot i had. some hand knit slippers (not by me, lol), a makeup bag of only lip balms (?), a dreamcatcher!! stuff like that. 

also found my kindle charger, because after a year and a half of staring at my dead kindle i ordered a new one ON FRIDAY. yey.

and then there’s a big old shoe box that is definitely not something i’ve lost (because i always know where it is), but somewhat forgotten. it’s my box that, for the past 8 years, i’ve dropped in little mementos that i can’t seem to throw away. and despite the chaos i mentioned above, trust me, i don’t keep very much. so these things in the box, hey, this is the good stuff.

a box full of ticket stubs, 3x5s, city maps, post-it notes, and more than anything - letters. sentiments scribbled on yellow legal pads, beautiful greeting cards, and everything in between. from people who i talk to daily and people who i’ve not spoken with in years. here and gone - some just from my life, and some from this world. and all of them who i love. they all matter.

life changes in big ways. all of the time. and it seems like the biggest deal ever, but then at some point you get over it and forget about it and move on, preparing for the next change. i do this a lot. and so today, in the middle of my messy room in the middle of this big change, i sat down and read through so many of the letters. and they made me laugh, and cry, and feel more grateful for my rollercoaster of a story than i ever have before. grateful for all of the changes.

aside from a million cards from my mom (you’re the best, mom), here are just a few of the ones that i really loved today:

- one from becca, a thanks for helping her move in at marquette and a recounting of a few ridiculous high school tales. i remember hoping we wouldn’t grow apart. that was six years ago, and last weekend i met her one-month-old son for the very first time.

- a note from carson’s mom, when i was in italy, that said “is it as you expected and more? and better? and worse? and inspiring? and disappointing? then you're doing it right”. i think about this a lot.

- a card from kolin after gramps passed, which says some really incredible stuff and then resolves to say "i'm always here, unless aliens attack, then every man for themselves". 

- directly followed by a letter in perfect cursive, so i know it’s my grandma’s, talking about a really beautiful fall afternoon that her and gramps were enjoying. he had just returned home from walking the dog in the fields across the street. it was just another nice afternoon together. it was the most loving, heart-wrenching, perfect thing to read on an early fall sunday afternoon, and which also happened to be grandparents day. the first one missing the first one. 

my knowledge of physics is entry-level but i sometimes think about that theory that everything is always happening at same time. and reading those cards, in such a comforting way, i felt like that. 

which was an unbelievably poor statement for such an emotion but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. 

ok, enough, back to packing for me. but go write someone a letter, would ya? make their day - and maybe even one a few years from now.