hi! i'm danica. 

mostly everyone coming to my site already knows who i am. if you don't know me, that means i've hit it big!! here's what you need to know:

i'm a five foot graduate of the the university of minnesota, where i went through a couple degree changes and some bad (but improving?) football teams, before graduating with a strategic communications degree, emphasizing in both copywriting and design. 

now i live in seattle, washington, where i work as a copywriter. it's really fun, and the rain doesn't bother me a bit. 

while it has strayed a little from its origins (maybe temporarily, maybe not) this blog began has a place for me to come and talk about #whatdanicabaked, reflecting a sweet tooth and need for people to admire me. (just kidding, kind of)

my passion for food comes from an upbringing of home cooked meals and family dinners, where seasonal flavors ruled and dessert was never a question, it was a statement. while i lean heavily toward sweeter creations, local produce and ingredients are incredibly important to me. because i have to chow a ton of vegetables to make up for all of that sugar.

besides baking, i'm an avid podcaster, beginning knitter, and sometimes runner. one day, i very much hope to have a horse or two, a kitchenaid stand mixer, and a lakeside cabin — i'm flexible on the order. 

i'd say more, but my chocolate chip cookies are ready to come out of the oven!