hi, everyone!

well it's been quite a while since i've been regularly blogging. i thought it was time to come back.

this blog has been a long time in the making, but it took a while for it to leave my mind and register a domain. i couldn't decide what to write about and i really couldn't decide what i would call this little corner of the internet.

after lots of thought (mostly standing over a preheating oven), i've concluded that this place should be dedicated to talking about food. it makes sense, because whenever i am talking to someone, we end up talking about what i've been doing (which is always baking) and before you know it, i'm ten minutes in to a story about a scone recipe i've been working on and the other person is asleep.

but i am more excited than ever!

(oh man, please don't fall asleep on me)

i'm hoping is that i can use this little site to talk about recipes, cookbooks, restaurants, and so on. undeniably, there will be plenty of non-food related things along the way. there will be lots of stories. there are bound to be a few life lessons. that's what i want to become of this space. and you know what? it's my blog, so i'm gonna do what i want!

in other words, i'm hoping i can figure it out a little bit as i go. and i'm hoping you all won't mind that one bit. 

and so i've settled on abundance, which in webster's own words means "a large quantity of something". because i am a little human who lives in abundance. plentiful are my thoughts, words, and treats coming out of my oven (because anything worth making is worth making lots of).

the word also also makes me think of a dancing bun, which i think is the most adorable way to think about bread, ever. 

so without further adieu, let's get the ball rolling. or bun dancing!

welcome to abundance, everyone!