just saying hi, ok?

hello friends!

there's not a recipe here and there's really nothing groundbreaking, ok? i just want to say hi and shine a little light on what i've been up to these past couple of weeks. 

i didn't forget about you all but i have been quite busy, both in trying to finish up school and also finding things to distract myself from finishing up school. i've been studying, sleeping, hanging out with friends, cooking, a little cleaning, and enjoying the almost-summer weather that graced the 612 last week.

my being mia is due in part to the fact that the weekend before last, i got to drop down to madison, wisconsin to visit my best friend, alleigh! our visit was the epitome of short and sweet, where we went out and stayed in, saw old friends and made new ones, ate at some great places and cooked some fantastic bites at home, too! we shopped, we walked, we terraced (is that a verb in madison? it should be) and more than anything we talked and laughed and just caught up on all of those things that can't be shared long distance. 

love you, alice! thanks for all of the fun, the guac, and the adorable kate spade earrings! 

and then i got lucky this past week when my parents came down for the night! although their trip was short, we still had lots of time to sit out on the patio at aster cafe and enjoy the food, view, and each other's company! the next morning my mom and i woke up early for a walk around lake harriet and coffee from five watt. be it small, it was a happy snippet of week with my parents!

this past weekend was relaxed in the best way, full of more morning lake walks and window-shopping and new food stops! after a little jaunt around lake como (the st. paul one, not italy) saturday morning, chris and i stopped in the uptowner cafe on grand for the perfect diner breakfast. it was so good that afterwards we had to go find a park to lay down and take a nap in. and then we had to go shopping. and then we got all good-lookin' to meet jen and bryan for pho at lotus and a scoop from sebastian joe's in (early) celebration of my birthday!

we all had a great time right up until i made a comment about justin timberlake being in star wars (he wasn't) to which bryan the star wars fanatic nearly died and no amount of ice cream could cool off my red face. looks like i have some movies to watch.

so things have been wonderful and i'm still full from all of it, and i hope everything is just as happy with you, too!