"space" cake + weekend roundup

happy monday!

i had a crazy fun weekend and even as i stare at the mountain of tasks ahead of me for finals week, i feel no regrets for all of the fun (and not-studying) that took place over the last few days. 

thursday morning i paid a visit to my mentor at space150. in hand was the prettier-sister version of the chocolate cake i had made in my "pick me" video for their internship program. that cake was perfectly delicious (i should know, i ate it), but involved a little too much finger-licking to be given to strangers. the second (and more sanitation-cautious) cake was the same chocolate cake as always, paired with buttercream frosting that had double the amount of milk chocolate and cocoa powder as usual. i also made milk bar's birthday cake crumble to fill the layers, sprinkle on top, and eat with a spoon.  

as far as buttering someone up goes, this is like buttering, sugaring, and chocolate-ing someone up. i considered piping "i know my portfolio sucks, please take a chance on me" on top, but opted for the v36 wolf logo instead. no one likes a whiny cake. 

moral of the story: every morning should start off by giving someone a cake. even if it has undertones of bribery. or maybe especially so, in that case?

the weekend only went up from there: that night was chris's first twins game and we were lucky enough to sit in the dugout box (thanks, fallon!) and watch the boys crush the white sox (thanks, mauer!).

my parents came down to use up a christmas-gifted dinner from me in st. paul, where they stayed the night and we hung out at the farmer's market on saturday morning. there we bought every plant you've ever dreamed of before diving face-first in to brunch at the buttered tin, which is my new home. please send stretchy pants.

on sunday, chris's sister, jen, came up from rochester and along with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, we basked in the sun at freehouse for brunch before heading over to the orpheum theater for a matinee of jersey boys. jen scored us front row seats, which was beyond amazing until i kept making unintentional and uncomfortable eye contact with frankie valli in the second act. on the plus side, does this make me famous? 

here in my final final's week it's easy to be so stressed by looming deadlines and presentations and exams that are waiting to beat up on the grades i've earned the rest of the semester, but i'm learning that it's really ok not to take it all too seriously.

in a week, i'll be nearly finished with my college career and grades will be little more than letters. but having fun lasts forever, right?! and 80 degree weather doesn't! so psa, college friends: hit the books when you have to but, hey, don't forget you're worthy of enjoying life amidst these times too. we sure aren't going to get them back.

unless you actually do fail, that is. :)