summer, so-far

in the general sense, of course, because on the calendar summer has only just begun. but in northern wisconsin, we've had a solid month of it. 

i'm here again and a month has gone by since graduation and what a month it was. at home, in rhinelander, i've been keeping myself busy with all of the things i didn't have time for the past year. and it has been absolute bliss. 

i'm reading for pleasure, you guys! i'm hanging out with my mom. we're gardening, drinking coffee, going to farmer's markets and for long walks. i'm learning to weave (wall hangings, not hair). and my parents and i took a week to camp in the upper peninsula of michigan (more on that later, promise!).

i'm planning trips, too. little ones to see friends scattered around wisconsin, and big ones - chris and i leave on our grand adventure out west in just over 2 weeks! does anyone have any tips or suggestions for moab? we'd love to hear it. 

the rog clan is also planning a trip out to the shore in jersey later in july. so it's safe to say about 25% of my summer will be spent in a car, which will also make it the summer of dramamine. but i won't complain. 

this month has gone by in rapid speed, but i've already done so much in 30-odd days. so it isn't that i haven't anything to say or blog about, but just that i've been enjoying a life unplugged - enhanced by my macbook being on the fritz. and hiking for a week. and our kitchen is still in limbo, so baking is out for a few more days.

so this is just a post from me to say hello, i'm alive and well and happier than ever before. it's summer, after all. hope you are enjoying it, too.