yesterday, today, tomorrow

today is a day i’ve been waiting for. in preparation for our trip west, i’ve spent months reading guidebooks, ordering maps, looking at pictures, and above all, just daydreaming. 

as i moved all of the photos back on to my hard drive, i found a massive folder of nearly two-thousand scanned photos that my dad tackled about ten years ago (omg, dad!!!). in it, i found my parents in just the places i’ll soon find myself. 

i would guess these shots are circa the early 80’s. aren't they stunning?

and these aren’t foreign versions of my mom and dad. they are as familiar as the people who waved me off yesterday, as i headed out down a path they created long ago, together.

and they get it, you know? that there won't always be cell service. that there isn't a destination address. that seeing something with your own eyes is valuable beyond measure, even if you aren't sure what it is you're looking for yet. 

there’s something so special, and comforting, in knowing i’m traveling somewhere my parents have been, and loved. not just in the geographical sense, but in the pack-your-bags-and-just-go, wanderlust sense.

yes, my parents have called colorado home and covered plenty of ground in utah. but more so, my parents were the same twenty-somethings who just wanted to get out there. everything about who they are today and what they value has told me that story. 

and whether or not you know my parents, these pictures, they should begin to tell that story for you. i’m lucky to be just part of it all. a continuation, of sorts. 

oh, maybe we never grow up, just out.