a summer and a surprise

i’m back, everyone!

the weather lately has me feeling all sorts of ways, and ways only a blog post can really relieve, you know? seems like as soon as labor day passed, fall came in overnight. and i love fall, i do. but i dread the end of summer, especially one like this. 

so i thought i would give a little nod to summer, and because i can hardly put it off much longer - let you in on what’s next for me.

as many of you know, (and are probably completely annoyed by at this point) i have traveled to so many places since graduation. it all went on almost completely unplanned, unraveling just as it went - and yet somehow working out perfectly, every last time.

over 12 weeks i visited 15 states, 4 national parks, 2 countries, and did (approximately) a million miles in the car. and as i found myself at the threshold of all of these places i never imagined seeing just months prior, i fell in love with every single one. hard. i left a little bit of my heart everywhere i went, in a way that makes me feel more full of love and contentment than ever before, but also a little homesick for those places, too.

here are some of my favorite places i ended up in:

munising, michigan

beaver creek, colorado

estes park, colorado

frisco, colorado

moab, utah

ocean city, new jersey

seattle, washington

vancouver, bc

in the longest four months of my life, and in a fleeting moment, i’ve seen some incredible corners of the world. what’s more, i’ve felt them. (so. much. emotion.) and it only makes me want more, right? like you can’t eat one travel potato chip. or have one lick of the travel ice cream cone. like the newness and discovery of traveling is that sleeping bag that, now that it’s been unwound and lived in, there’s no easy way to just stuff it back in the cramped case it came from. which is fitting, because pesky sleeping bags truly do define my summer. 

and so me and the half-stuffed sleeping bag on my bedroom floor need to tell you that the grand finale of this grand summer is this: i’m moving across the country. in three weeks. because i can't imagine doing anything else.

i’m moving to seattle. maybe just because all of my favorite things are from seattle: starbucks, amazon, nordstrom, REI. i do love rain, and, hey! my best friend is there.

getting a job* there, well, that was a factor in my decision too. :)  

but at the end of the day, there is one true reason i’m moving to seattle: because i know it will make me happy. because it’s spontaneous. because i can. because life at 22 is far too short to not take every opportunity to do something like pack a bag and move across the country. 

when the opportunity arose, it felt so unreal, a surprise. but i look back on the summer i've had, and even my college years before it, and know that this is something i've been preparing for, waiting for, nearly begging for, so long before the actual offer came and the flight was booked. 

and so i'm moving to seattle. 

the next few weeks are going to be crazy, right? working, packing, and crossing things off of my minneapolis bucket list all before i say goodbye on the 28th. and as much as there are things i need to do, even more so there are people i need to see, drinks to be had, and i love you's to be said. so drop me a line, and let's have a little fun.

let’s make summer last just a touch longer, ok?

thanks for reading, always.

*i’ll be working at a startup architecture and interior design blog, doing a mix of creative, editorial, research, and marketing. and i am so, so excited.