spring flings

summer is here and who could be happier than seattlites? i mean, it's still cloudy and breezy and i have seen the word "junuary" thrown out a few times by pnw-ers, but the calendar says it's summer. so we're happy. i am, at least.

everything is exciting this summer: new jobs, new trips, new homes, and likely even a new hairstyle for me (watch out, world). even in just this first week of official summer, everything is in flux for the better. i am beyond exciting to share the news, but first, i want to pay homage to spring 2017.

cloudy as it was (and really it was), it held so many bright, special moments after a winter that could only be described as genuine hell on earth. spring rocked. here are some of the shiniest moments (and times i actually remembered to take pictures): 

march 5th | we returned from a giant big adventure to scandinavia (someday i will share photos), which was beautiful but very cold, and so rainy seattle really did feel like spring!

april 24th | my golden birthday! we spent a magical few days in the world's cutest airbnb on vashon island. there was a view of the sound, a wood burning stove, and chickens and horses roaming free. there was no view of rainier, because clouds, but there was cake, which was better.

may 8th | an unforgettable flight up to roche harbor with rohan. 

may 20th | attended my first mariner's game, in celebration of our friend bryn's birthday. later realized it was not in fact my first mariner's game (?). still a blast. 

memorial day | a long weekend getaway to tucson and bisbee, arizona! inbetween all of the amazing meals we ate and drinks we drank, there was swimming, antique shopping, even mine touring (semi-freaky). ethan's mommas are the best. 

june 13th | a hot, sunny tuesday and my first time sailing this season. aka, i panicked when the boat heeled too much. ethan laughed. life doesn't get better than this. 

june 17th | i read an entire book before noon! then we whisked up to a sweet little camp spot at camano island. we watched the sun set and rise, and a lil seal dood playing in the sound. who has it better than pnw residents? no one. 

june 22nd | we took the day off and went to explore bellingham on a whim. e bought me a joy of cooking (a 1984 edition, relax), and we drank so much kombucha that we burped uncomfortably the entire way home. 

and some photos, unedited and in no particular order: