once we were burned out (or moreover burnt up) on utah, we decided to head back for a little more of colorado. 

driving back on I 70, we made it about three hours before stopping in glenwood springs to soak in a massive natural hot spring. if you didn’t know better, you would think it’s just a giant swimming pool alongside the mountains. but the water is blissfully warm and cleansing in a way that chlorine falls far short on. though after 4 days in the hot utah sun (sans showers), i think we still would have dove in had the water been ice cold and dirty.

further down the road, we settled for the evening outside of mountain-town frisco. we snagged the very last campsite, a picturesque grassy knoll just 20 yards from the shore of lake dillion (which is actually a massive man-made reservoir, but unimportant).

we popped back in to frisco and made a quick stop at whole foods before spending the evening walking down what must be one of america’s best mainstreets. coffeeshops, bars, boutiques, even an outdoor concert lined nearly a mile of frisco’s downtown, and we easily settled in for a drink and a giant pretzel on the patio of a german bar. 

though we were still “camping”, it felt so nice to be clean and back in more familiar territory. i would attribute 90% of that to the crisp temperature of the mountains - frisco sits above 9,000 ft.

so in the cool night air, chris took time lapses of the stars as we sat out at the campfire. as the sun came up again, we sat on the shores of lake dillon and waited for it to peek over the eastern mountains. it was a sight i won’t soon forget. 

we hopped over to ski-mecca breckenridge for a latte before our day continued on to rocky mountain national park (including a picnic), and ended in boulder, colorado.

for being on the front range, there’s really no camping in or around bolder, so we grabbed a hotel (courtesy of dad, thanks!) and had the chance to see pearl street with chris’s old roommate, niko. the food, the company, and atmosphere was all right and it is clear to me how so many people fall for boulder. 

as the next morning came, we knew it was time to be heading for home again, and after an early breakfast at one of boulder’s best, we hit the road for omaha - where we would cross paths for the night with chris’s parents. we were so happy to see them and spend time with them before making it home the next day. 

all of our time in colorado slipped by so quickly, and the two of us agreed time and time again on the way home that we need to make it back to this special place. there are a million different worlds within the state lines, and my heart won’t be content until i’ve taken a piece of all of them. 

places we loved

prost beer hall / tiny beer hall in frisco where you can sit on the sidewalk and drink liters of beer. they also have approximately 15 types of mustard.

cuppa joe coffee / small coffeeshop in breckenridge where you can get an oatmeal latte. what.

t’aco / a very hip and urban taco joint in boulder. ever been to antique taco in wicker park? it's just like that. haven't? k take my word for it.

walnut cafe / what's the best breakfast you could imagine eating on the sidewalk of a strip mall? multiple that by two million. 

snooze: an a.m. eatery / we stopped here in denver and almost didn't leave. just go to their website. look at the menu. try not to drool on your keyboard (but i won't judge if you do).