the best part about that last very thoughtful, cool-girl post is that i’m posting it from mcdonald’s in moab. which, in my defense, is very clean and nearly brand new. 

after coming down from a long day in canyonlands national park and dead horse state park, we decided we needed another bag of ice. 

now if you go anywhere in this town, ice is $3. however, head to mcd’s, it’s a cool 99 cents. so obviously, here we are and chris says “let’s get large coffees and save for tomorrow morning in the cooler”. we like iced coffee, we will be getting up very early, so this makes perfect sense.

then chris says “i’m getting a big mac” and i say “oh, no”. because he already ate an entire bag of jalepeno kettle chips this morning and we were going to try a restaurant, you know, that is unique to moab. 

so chris doesn’t order a big mac, but a double spicy chicken sandwich meal (!!!) to eat while we use some free wifi to upload pictures. 

point is, we are on an amazing trip but we are also still normal people.

oh and don’t worry about us missing out on local dining - chris just finished his last fries and said, “where should we go next? i’m still really hungry."