it's 2016, and i have a wa driver's license

the new picture is mediocre at best, but trumps my 18-year-old, curly-haired wisconsin id by a long shot. bouncers agree. 

i wanted to updated everyone when i had "figured things out”. except suddenly, four months have passed. and i wanted to return after all of this time with some monumental story, or a profound thought, but i’ve settled instead on the “something is better than nothing” type of update. 

this stream of consciousness is a little all over the place, so here's a quick overview of this post:

part 1: i talk about seattle

part 2: a half-hearted sentiment about moving 

part 3: my *goal* for 2016 (i'm already sorry i wrote this)

part 4: a simile about faux cheese (again, sorry)

ok, go!!

so hi, welcome back. i live in seattle now. 

since i’ve been here i’ve accomplished some truly clap-worthy tasks. my best friend and i lucked out on a seriously great apartment in belltown (a downtown 'hood that is borderline cooler than we are, though we will rise to the challenge). we furnished it entirely, though our bank accounts begged us otherwise. and we did it nearly entirely off of amazon prime. because when in seattle. and also when you don’t have a car.

i’m in seattle and i have a primary care doctor. i have a favorite coffeeshop (and there are a few to choose from). i have at least 10 friends, a couple more if you count animals. i can find my way around enough to give someone directions, obtained said driver's license (though again, no car), and i really don’t mind the rain. considering how naively i showed up here in the end of september, with one suitcase and potentially unable to pin seattle on a map of washington, i feel pretty good.

starting from scratch somewhere has led to countless “wow” moments, so i can’t say there has been one pivotal instance that defines it. day-to-day, people ask me about my move and how things are going and my answer is usually the same: “things are great, i’m falling into a routine, i love it here, it feels like i’ve been here for a long time. hey, it really does feel like home.” i’m not surprised by the truth in these words, but i am proud of them.

i’m indisputably happy, despite roadblocks and concerns and unavoidable acts of second-guessing. i’m so grateful and aware of all of the incredible relationships i have in my life — both the ones that i’ve carried with me from back home, and the new friends i’ve made. both have been immeasurably important to me. 

the biggest revelation i’ve held close the last few months, is that it’s so important to be grateful. to wake up and be an enthusiast at life. in the new year, i’m trying my best to be mindful. it’s not a resolution because resolutions, are artificial and not as satisfying as they initially seem… similar to, idk, kraft singles? 

resolutions require a time when something will be resolved. a hard stop. my goal to practice being mindful has no end date, no quantification, just a hope that it will make me feel better on the inside — making mine and others experiences more pleasant. so yeah, complete opposite of kraft singles. 

literally cheesy, i know. bleh, cutting myself off before this gets out of hand. 

in short, life is wonderful in the pnw and i won’t be so long before i’m back with more stories and trials of it all. oh, that and some baking — promise.

happy new year to you, wherever and whoever you are.