updates on updates

i was in need desperate of an update (or any date, really). so i threw in a few hours of keyboard tapping on a saturday, and voila! i've got a brand-new resume and up-to-date portfolio page to show for it. i haven't done laundry in quite some time now, but at least i look like a professional on the internet. and we all know that's where it really counts!!

click here see my resume! click here to see my portfolio! click neither to spite me!

ok, cool, now that that's over with — a few other updates:

  • it's march! what the hell.
  • alleigh and i hosted 4 humans last weekend for a birthday bash of epic proportions. our little apartment was bursting with love but also with ankle boots and sticky boobs and iphone chargers. we did have room for everyone to sleep but we did not have nearly enough drinking glasses. it was the best time ever.
  • we did some dog sitting!! don't tell our landlord.
  • we sent out valentine's day cards to our friends, most who loved it but a few who probably cringed a little.
  • the emotional investment i have in ben higgin's is verging on unhealthy. 
  • my bestie emily visited from mn over valentine's day weekend and it was the most romantic thing in the world! and i'm saying that despite getting full on, locksmith-calling locked-out of our apartment. 
  • i can't stop eating graham crackers and red peppers (but not together) (yet)

be back soon! and please send me a message if you find a typo anywhere! or, you know, to say hi.