our trip to utah was both everything we had imagined and completely different than we could have ever planned for. 

leaving beaver creek, we drove the last hour miles in to moab on highway 128, a scenic highway that carves it’s way through towering red canyon along the colorado river. hyper with excitement for this new place, we jumped out of the car at every vista along the way. 

it was amazing how we could feel so small and far away from everything and then see a group of 30 boy scouts floating down the colorado on giant rafts. oh, hi. and so that was the first thing we figured out about utah - everyone’s active, even in the dog days of summer.

downtown moab is a tribute to this. it’s single street downtown is full of gear shops, sporting goods, and adventure trip companies where you can sign up to do just about anything - raft, hike, bike, jeep. 

with it’s unarguably laid back attitude, moab is a tourist hub for those coming for  adventures. you wouldn’t come to moab and not be outdoorsy. the notorious slickrock bike trail is just moments from moab, and riders as well as 4x4 drivers come from near and far to tackle the terrain. the colorado river offers some excellent raft trips (though i would be miserably ill). but most of all, moab is a doorstep town. a hub between two incredible national parks. arches, and canyonlands.

and even in the heat of the summer, moab is busy - busier than we thought it would be. busy enough to struggle finding a campsite before settling it to on a spot 3 miles from the town, along highway 128 and the river.

it was a tad overgrown with shrubbery which made me more uncomfortable than i’d like to admit - because there are plenty of things that crawl and slither in the desert and not one did i want to encounter, let alone in my tent. but for the few days, the site was perfect and i made it through with only one major episode, which i won’t detail as i would love to retain just a piece of my pride. 

when you go to utah you really get to put on your badass badge, right? because it’s still a little bit of uncharted territory. you won’t find a guardrail between you and a 1,500 foot drop on a hiking trail. and there are spiders the size of kittens waiting to eat you at your campsite. but that’s ok, because if you can hang there then you can see some things you couldn’t even imagine exist. 

go to utah.

places we loved

peace tree juice cafe / we hung out here one hot afternoon and bummed wifi while i had some locally roasted coffee and chris sipped the most deliciously thick peanut butter smoothie ever.

moab brewery / moab is a weird place to drink, thanks to utah’s mormonism. which makes this place a true oasis - and the beer is great too.

eklecticafe / OK CAUGHT ME, we didn’t actually make it here, but i wanted to. if you make it to moab, please fulfill my dreams.