whitefish, again

there's something to be said for picking up where you left off. this post isn't exactly the case, but our trip back to montana this year did seem like a fitting reason to come back to this blog.

in this little world, it's the last thing that happened. and yet posts that will remain unpublished tell the tales of the confusion and disappointment actually that carried me back to this moment. oh, it was not a good year. january was not a good month. 

but it is still a good life, and there are so many blissful moments waiting in the darkest shadows ahead. so many rosy pink sunrises and new favorite songs, juicy oranges and untouched ski runs where the snow is still falling. 

and, thankfully, this beacon of a vacation was full of them. here are a few:

we skied for three days in montana, a late christmas gift and a timely distraction. the snow was crisp and fast, and midweek skiing meant it was so empty on the mountain. a blissful stillness. 

on our day off the slopes, we drove through a quiet glacier national park, taking in the views from lake mcdonald and walking around its historic lodge. everything was so closed up and snowed in that it was hard to imagine that just half a year would see this place in full swing. don't tell, but i think it was a little more magical this way.

we skated on the ice of whitefish lake with the oldest leather skates i've ever seen, and lay by the fireplace sipping something warm every night. i understood how people arrive here and never leave. once upon a time, my parents. we drove by their a-frame, strangely seeming untouched since they left it in 1982. 

wishing you all so many tiny and beautiful moments in this still-new year.